Wedding at Moederkerk,Stellenbosch

Light classical background music is what we started with for this ceremony in Die Moederkerk,Stellenbosch;?? In?this exquisite acoustic,everything sounded amazing,from Bach to Lloyd Webber.For the reception,we all travelled to Wellington? for a fantastic party.

This is what the mother of our lovely bride has written to us:

Dear Gabor, Donat and Nerina,

I have attached two photo?s which I hope you will be able to view.

My sincerest thanks to the three of you for the wonderful music and the tranquil mood that was created by your presence on our happy day. You were very professional at all times, yet welcoming. Our guests have truly enjoyed your music, and it was surely a factor that contributed to a great celebration.

I will be able to recommend you to anybody with the greatest confidence!

I wish you all the best for this year, and hope to be able to buy another CD from you soon!

Kind regards,


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