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In addition to weddings and corporate events, we happily add that festive touch to a large variety of other events: anniversary, birthday, engagement, farewell and christening parties; graduation ceremonies, Vintage car parties, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties and picnics.


We frequently perform formal concerts and have successfully maintained our niche in the performing world for many years. Our concerts are always exceptionally well received by our enthusiastic audiences, who enjoy our unusual but highly successful combination of instruments, to which we bring a natural joie de vivre and romantic sound. This instrumental combination produces a uniquely orchestral sound. A high degree of musicianship together with humorous, fascinating and informative commentaries on programme items produces a charming and delightful effect. Our balanced programmes range from Baroque and Classical masters, through the lovely melodies of Old Vienna and Hungary, to concert tangos and contemporary items.

Just some of our concert platforms include the following:

  • Casa Labia Cultural Centre Concert Series
  • Lindbergh Foundation Concert Series
  • St Andrew’s Concert Series
  • Baxter Theatre- Morning Melodies
  • Musica Mundi
  • Knysna Concert Club
  • Con Spirito
  • Memories and Melodies Series
  • Visegrad House
  • Music Societies of Hermanus, George, Stilbaai, Mosselbaai, Montague .

Please get in touch with the format of your proposed concert and we will compose a programme to send you.

Dance Music

Blending our instruments with rhythm and orchestral backing, using our top-quality amplification equipment, we are able to rev up the evening with upbeat, vibey dance music that will bring young and old alike onto the dance floor.

This is specifically Dance Repertoire, which must be requested in advance.

Repertoire ranges from Ballroom to Rock ‘n Roll, Latin American to Disco favourites, including the following:

Strangers in the Night
Uptown Girl
La Bamba
Dancing Queen
Mamma Mia
New York,New York

That’s Amore
In the Summertime
Besame Mucho
Money, Money
Air Hostess
Zorba the Greek

The Lady in Red
Mambo Italiano
Staying Alive
How Deep is your Love
Baker Street

No Matter What
Mas Que Nada
Five Colours in her Hair
El Choclo
Radio Gag

Please note; although the dance band is available at our normal hourly rate, it must be specifically requested in advance, to allow for transportation and setting up of equipment.

If you make use of our dance band service, the use of our PA system will be available to you free of charge for speeches.

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Sample Music

We strongly advise the use of headphones for optimum sound quality when listening to our samples. Without headphones, an accurate idea of our quality will not be gained.

      Scent of a Woman

      Hungarian Dance

      The Blue Danube

      Pachelbel Kannon

      Al I ask of you

      Two Guitars

      Song of the Bird Catcher

      Tritsch Tratsch Polka

      La Espagnola

      La Paloma

      Vienna City of my Dreams

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