Just a few new Thank You letters from our lovely clients!

Dear Gabor,Nerina and Donat,
Thank you for making my birthday the most memorable occasion.A number of my friends have voted it Party of the Year
Your silver and golden sounds made us all richer!
Thank you!
Uwe Hass

Dear Nerina,
I feel so ashamed that I haven’t thanked you before for your beautiful playing at Siri’s birthday. You entered into the spirit of everything and made her party the success it was. Everyone was very grateful. I’ve only just found your email address on the internet, having looked for it everywhere else. Please excuse my delay in thanking you. I will definitely recommend again if I’m asked.
Warm regards, Jetteke

Thank you, Nerina
we love your blog and we especially loved the musical entertainment with which you enhanced our special evening! You were magnificent! Thank you again till we celebrate again.