Wedding music in the Cape Winelands

In March the Hungarian Trio travelled to the exquisite valley of Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West to play for the wedding of Lizanne and Willie. In this beautiful Cape Winelands landscape of mountains, vineyards and solitude, they had chosen the luxurious Riebeek Valley Hotel for their memorable occasion. This is a beautiful country period piece, an old Victorian house liberally decorated with broekie lace, gazebos and swags of flowers and roses filling the luxuriant garden, set at the foot of the mountains. –

For the ceremony, we set up in this lovely garden and played some beautiful, soothing classical background music as the guests arrived, all exclaiming at the loveliness of the garden and the music. Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission is always a great favourite, along with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Pachelbel Kanon, and Bizet’s Carmen adds spice to the mix. The grandparents and parents entered to Bach’s Air on a G-String, and the couple chose the Mendelssohn Wedding March, always a stirring and emotional choice for entry.

For these items, we were very happy to be cued by Karen Dreyer, who was co-ordinating the wedding with her customary finesse, attention to detail, and relaxed and friendly demeanour. With Karen in the background, everything, of course, flowed smoothly and happily. For the Signing of the Register, the couple chose “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera, and then released two beautiful white doves which flew away over the idyllic setting.

After the rose petal shower around the stone fountain, we all proceeded to the Pool Terrace for pre-drinks, where as usual, it was fascinating to watch how people respond to the effect of live music and the close proximity of artists. We play lighter musical items for the pre-drinks, some jazz, some gipsy, movie theme tunes, the odd Strauss walts, to please the wide range of guests found typically at a wedding. Children are always fascinated, older people are enthralled by their favourite songs, and younger people smile, laugh and feel romantic! It is always nice for us when people grab their partners and have a little dance out of the lightness of their hearts!

Generous snacks administered to the inner man, always hungry after the emotion of a wedding service and lovely music, and lightness and joy were the order of the day! We wish this super couple well in their lives of married bliss.