Music for graduation ceremony

The Hungarian Trio is often privileged to be present at very personal and interesting special occasions. This function was a good example of this – we played at the Graduation Ceremony for SACAP students. Hundreds of young people were graduating from the South African College of Applied Psychology, receiving their certificates in Counselling and Communication skills, and in Communication Coaching.

We have played at these SACAP graduation ceremonies for several years now, and it is always a very happy occasion, with the happy young faces of the students delighted to have achieved their goals, and the proud faces of the parents. Reverend Peter Fox was awarding the certificates, which he did with his customary grace and warmth.

The ceremony was held in the Old Mutual Conference and Exhibition Centre at Kirstenbosch, a large and beautiful venue which can be divided into sections, one section for the ceremony and another for the party afterwards. –

After the ceremony, everyone was in a festive mood, and we played first of all our most jolly, foot-tapping numbers. Some people could not resist dancing and swept around the hall to the strains of our waltzes and tangos. We are privileged to be present at so many happy days in people’s lives, and try our best to express their joy in our music.