A special thank you letter

We played recently for the 60th Birthday of Julia O’ Leary at Michael Oak Waldorf School Julia wrote us a most lovely thank you letter afterwards. Here it is:

Dear Nerina,donat and Gabor
I would like to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful music and love you brought to my birthday celebration.You made this so SPECIAL,you were really FANTASTIC! and made the party.
Everyone loved you .Not ONE PERSON failed to mention their joy at your presence and beautiful music.
Much gratitude and appreciation

Michael Oak has a stunning hall which they hire out for functions, weddings, corporate events and parties. The hall has a wonderful, sweeping, wave-shaped ceiling and star-shaped windows. An organic feel as befits a Waldorf school and most beautiful with its warm-toned wooden floor and celestially blue ceiling. Beneath the floor are buried good wishes for the school and rose-quartz crystals for positive energy. This lovely energy is certainly felt in this amazing venue. – www.michaeloak.org.za

Hundreds of Julia’s friends and family and colleagues came to wish her well and enjoyed the live musical entertainment which the Hungarian Trio provided. We started off with some light classical background music, in the way of a string quartet. as guests arrived in the entrance hall. When guests were seated, we started to stroll through the hall, decorated with many flowers and candles, serenading the guests in our customary romantic gypsy style. For weddings, we usually include a fair amount of light classics, whereas for parties we find it better to stay very light and lively for the most part. Irish jigs, Fiddler on the Roof, French cafe music, Hungarian csardas and waltzes, jazz standards and Andrew Lloyd Webber, movie themes and on-trend love songs go down very well. And of course, everyone always loves Strauss waltzes. If we do not play them, someone will ask for them! Our music was interspersed with Eurythmy presentations. This is a wonderful form of dance, expressing very deeply the music to which it is performed. Eurythmy is also known as ‘Dancing with the Angels’ and is performed in costumes consisting of silk veils which sweep the air as the dancers float through the air. Fascinating to watch. We were privileged to play our music before and after this performance. A happy evening indeed.
We have no photographs of Julia’s party, so the above pictures are of the Michael Oak Gypsy Fair, very similar in mood to Julia’s lovely party.