Summer seasons IDYLL – music for a Langverwasgt wedding

Imagine a mysterious forest glade, sunlight glinting through the rustling leaves no sound but birdsong and the sweetest music, imagine a beautiful bride floating down the rose petal path between bowers of whispering flowers in this summer season’s idyll, imagine the guests listening to loving vows spoken in this dream-like setting, imagine the heavenly music expressing this shining burst of happiness.

Yes, this is exquisite Langverwacht, the most inspiring venue of them all, just outside Kuilsriver, with the Hungarian Trio providing splendid wedding music. Langverwagt?combines a natural, forest setting with magnificent gardens, the life work of the Le Roux family. One thinks of the owner of the famous Courances Garden in France who said ‘We know that God alone created the splendours of nature-but what about gardens? Perhaps we both did a little bit together?’

On this occasion, we started with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, so suited to this pastoral setting, and continued with some Hungarian dances and the Bach Air to complement the rustic, country wedding atmosphere.

Our radiant bride, Adri van der Merwe and her groom walked through a path of ancient oaks to sign the register while the Hungarian Trio led the guests behind them, playing our happiest tune. As the couple exited from the historic manor house, hundreds of years old, we played Love Changes Everything, that Andrew Lloyd-Webber favourite.

Then delicious fruit punch and substantial snacks were served next to the Khoi pond, surrounded by trees, flowers, and overlooking a stunning view of Cape Town and Table Mountain. The guests mingled and gathered into small groups. As usual, we strolled from group to group, serenading them and asking them what they would like us to play for them. Fortunately, we have an extensive repertoire and are usually able to oblige with any special requests, from tango to jazz standards, love songs to classics.

The sunset, lending a golden light as the couple returned to their guests, and expressions of true happiness lit the faces of the guests as they made their way through the flowery paths to the cellar, twinkling merrily with fairy lights.

Throughout, Juria and her long-serving team, who have been part of Langverwagt for years, ensured the smooth running of the function unobtrusively and expertly.