La Pineta – A birthday party to remember!

At La Pineta, we played for Sonja Lotter’s 50th birthday on Saturday. The restaurant is fantastic,set in a forest and overlooking the Cape Winelands. The ideal spot for uplifting light classical music, romantic Italian serenades, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and for strolling musicians to do their thing. –

We have previously played for Sonja’s 40th birthday and the majority of her guests recognised us instantly, and we’re most excited to hear us play again. Sonja has already booked us for her 60th!

We started on the glorious patio beneath the trees, performing our happiest numbers to celebrate this wonderful woman’s special day! She plied her guests with the most delicious food and wine and entertained them royally with us, a powerpoint presentation, and a comedian. Thank you, Sonja, for that magnificent evening! As they say in Hungarian,’God keep your habit!’