Pebble beach manor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a beach wedding? The Hungarian Trio has played for many of these, and they are always lovely, relaxed affairs, any wind just creating an exuberant, hilarious feel to the day. Shoeless guests and the romantic sounds of the Hungarian Trio always create a great atmosphere! At this particular wedding, that of Trixi and Eben, we found ourselves on the West Coast, in Grotto Bay, on a secluded, beautiful beach, exquisite and deserted. After a moving ceremony, everyone got their daily exercise climbing back to Pebble Beach Manor, with its beautiful terrace overlooking a lawn and the green, living sea.

Donat, our bass-player, luckily pumps iron and is, therefore, able to lug his large and beautiful bass over hill and under dale! Dinner was served by wonderful caterers –, and we spent the evening playing romantic serenades for the guests, many of whom were from Austria and particularly enjoyed our wide Viennese and Hungarian repertoire. A beautiful evening to remember!